Radar, Monitoring & Scouting

Identification, observation and evaluation of technologies: optimization of own value chains in the company!

Added value & time horizon

Added value: identification, observation and evaluation of technologies

Time horizon: short and medium term

Everything on the screen?

Through systematic technology monitoring & scouting keeps all new technologies on the radar. A suitable technology assessment leads to the successful technology strategy and based on this, one can determine if the appropriate future competencies will be found in the company or if they must be builed up.

The economic success of a company is increasingly based on the competition of technologies and the successful use of new technologies in all stages of the company’s value chain. But:

  • What are future technologies that are relevant to my company or areas?
  • Will you open up new markets for me?
  • What added value do you bring to my value chain?
  • Do I have to develop it myself or should I buy it better or cooperate with others?
  • Do we have the right skills and suitable coupling points in the company in the future?

Radar, Monitoring & Scouting

Technology monitoring, technology scouting and technology radar are methodological approaches that can be used to analyze the entrepreneurial environment. On the one hand, technologiesche developments (and their actors) are to be identified and on the other hand known technology developments will be observed.

Technology monitoring and technology scouting is the process of identifying, observing and evaluating technologies. This can be done step by step and it should be adapted to the company’s internal processes. This does not require too much effort, but increases the effectiveness of the overall process.

First of all, technologies and their fields of application must be identified and the corresponding information compiled. Therefor you can use different methods. The appropriate set of methods should be decided on a case-by-case basis, as the needs and business environment are always different. The next step is to evaluate the technologies and their fields of application. As a result, you can work out options for action and derive a technology strategy according to the technology potentials. Finally, the results should be communicated to the appropriate departments and individuals.

From this step-by-step approach, including the methods used, a technology radar can be built that identifies, observes and evaluates technologies and their developments. The results of this approach serve the development of new products and services or the further development or integration of new technologies in their own value chains.
The technology radar can also be applied beyond the technologies and their applications to actors, networks and the estimation of future competence requirements