Idea Generation

With creativity on the innovation wave! Break thinking patterns – find new ideas!

Added value & time horizon

Added value: Generation of new products and services
Time horizon: short to medium term (focus: short term)


Idea Generation

Perception and conditioning mutually shape our thought patterns and beliefs. These built our paradigm filter. Evolutionary biological this has a vital protective function. As far as the challenges of a company in the modern world are concerned, the paradigm filter often interferes with our ingenuity. He lets us drive in first gear with the handbrake on. Although this is a relatively safe thing, but it will cost time and the material will be gone. Overtaking maneuvers will be difficult and possibly the fuel will be finished bevor getting to your destiantion. Accordingly, the success story of innovation, brainstorming, visions and creativity is always a story of error.

Break through paradigms

“Oh please, come on, leave me.” “No, really. That’s a great thing and a lot of fun … but not everybody can! “” Please. Just try it once … you’ll get my apple for it … ”

The guys were lining up. Overall, the fence was painted three times, and Tom received so many pretensions, such as. a. Marbles, tin soldiers, tadpoles and even two bangers. From the sanction to which he was condemned by Aunt Polly made Tom Sawyer a brilliant idea. From detention to privilege – a change of perspective is characteristic of the initial momentum of ingenious ideas.

Think innovatively

Evolution has given birth to our thinking and what used to be necessary for survival is today a hindrance to innovation. This is exactly where creativity techniques come into their own, promising us ingenious and cross-sector solutions. By helping us outsmart ourselves – or our paradigm filter. There are special techniques for each topic. Together, most techniques have a three-stage process, which is presented below by means of a forced association chain.

Customer View

Our customer, one of the ten largest commodity trading companies in the world, had the problem of a high shrinkage rate in a particular product group. The theft of razor blades caused millions of dollars worth of damage each year.

Outsmart the brain – think innovatively

In phase one, we define the task concretely and derive some meaningful terms from it. These should be as pictorial as possible, synesthetic, since they should immediately serve our subconscious as an impulse, and that’s what it likes to have colorful, sensual and emotional rather than abstract and logical.

In phase two, we spin – quite literally – associations to our key concepts. It is not only o.k., but even the goal to move as far as possible from the initial concepts. Then the associations are clustered. At first glance, this may seem “impossible”, but there are always correlations and at the same time they reveal a new innovative solution.

In phase three, it is assessed what is reasonable / feasible of the solutions found. In the case of our customer, the solution “cardboard” was implemented. Thus, the shrinkage rate could be permanently halved – which gave the group the annual savings of a seven-figure amount.

Further information on the accelerated chain of associations and, for example, can be found here.