Tools 4 Innovation

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Implementation of Innovation and Technology Management

Innovation and technology management is a complex topic. Find the right tools for your challenges. Shape the future according to your ideas and go your own way! The ideal-typical approach in innovation and technology management leads from idea generation through strategy development to successful implementation on the market. However, this process is not a linear process: There are a variety of methods and successful solutions must be implemented individually depending on your industry and your objective. Innovation and technology management must fit in with the company and the respective corporate culture. It must be organizationally lean and successfully embedded and the methods used must work well together.

Check up for marking your position

A short check-up in your company identifies success potentials in the operational area as well as in the corporate organization and culture. Through an analysis of existing structures, activities, competencies and capacities you will develop and establish a successful innovation and technology management.

Tools 4 Innovation

The variety of methods for innovation and technology management is large. So you have to ask yourself: What do we want to achieve and with which tools do we achieve this with manageable effort? There are several established methods for this, which are listed below and described in more detail on the respective pages. In general, most of these methods can be used very leanly or even more extensively with software deployment. Often it is very helpful to have the conception, execution and analysis done in the first workshops and then acquire the necessary tools in learning by doing. For example, we have very good experience in roadmapping. The workshop will introduce the theoretical foundations and then create a technology roadmap or technology product roadmap with the staff. The regular updating of the roadmap then proceeds very efficiently and the successes are immediately visible. Here is a brief overview of the most important tools for implementing innovation and technology management in a practical and lean manner: