Innovation and Technology Management (ITM) is a complex field. The idealized approach consists of three stages: generating ideas, developing strategies and implementation. To get this triad right is a real challenge: there are a lot of methods so that possible solutions and targets have to be tailored specifically to each line of business.

The experts network Dr. Seitz, Bartel, Stickel & Partner brings many years of national and international work experience to the table and utilizes its members various professional backgrounds. Their careers provide a methodological know-how which covers all stages of an ITM process in a competent manner.

If you’re looking for support for your business on its way to a successful future, feel free to get in touch with us and let us know about your project or your entrepreneurial issues. We are more than happy to create a suitable solution for you.

Please note: Dr. Seitz, Bartel & Stickel is not a joint venture but a loose association of individuals working as free-lance consultants. All three act legally and economically independent of each other.